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Leak Detection & Repair in North Dallas

If you are noticing that the water level has receded in your pool or hot tub, a leak is the possible culprit. The issue may be within the pool or hot tub, the pipes, or the pump. No matter where the leak is happening, a repair requires the expertise of a professional.

We can help. Executive Blue Pools provides worry free service for busy people. Below, we describe our solutions for leak detection and repairs as well as what clients can expect.

Pool/Hot Tub Leak Detection Process

Executive Blue Pools is a one-stop shop for leak detection and repair. First, we will identify the issue causing the leak.

A professional leak detection test involves several steps:
  • Pressure testing your system will determine if the leak is coming from the plumbing or the shell of the pool. Our specialized test plugs and pressure induction systems give quick and accurate results.
  • Listening devices may pinpoint the sound of any pressurized underground leaks.
  • Helium detectors might be necessary to find underground leaks if the ground and soil conditions make it difficult to find the location of the leak.
  • LeakTrac Vinyl Liner Leak Detectors use patented electronics to track vinyl liner leaks with a small electric current that is introduced into the pool or hot tub’s water.
  • Our professionals may use underwater microphones, special dyes, and SCUBA diving equipment to find leaks inside the pool.
  • A pool dye test involves releasing a stream of dye into the pool. If there is a leak, the dye will spill out of the pool where the leak is present.
  • A special stethoscope can help reveal the subtle noise of a small, underground leak.

After completing this process, we will produce a leak detection report showing the test results and provide pricing for the repair. Once approved, our professionals will complete the repairs to fix the leak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions we hear regarding pool and hot tub leaks.

Is monitoring for leaks included in the pool maintenance package?

Our trained pool maintenance technicians at Executive Blue will inspect your pool equipment for above-ground leaks each time we visit. Underground leaks or leaks within the pool will take observation over time by the homeowner. If you believe there is an issue with a leak, we welcome you to call us for advice.

What can I expect from a leak detection with Executive Blue?

We can normally schedule a leak detection within two weeks of a customer inquiry. At Executive Blue Pools, we do the following in every leak detection:

  • Pressure test all plumbing lines.
  • Perform a dye structure test.
  • Inspect cracks and mortar joints.
  • Inspect rocks and stonework for cracks.
  • Examine lighting fixtures for leaks.
  • Test skimmers for possible leaks or cracks.
  • Closely examine tile lines, stonework, and plaster for even hairline cracks.

If you have any questions or concerns, our professional team can provide a full explanation of the process.

When might I need a swimming pool or hot tub leak detection?

When determining if you should have a leak detection done on your pool, here are several items to keep in mind:

  • Evaporation happens during all times of the year and can account for up to four inches lost per week, even in winter. Ensure that the water loss you are observing is not from evaporation.
  • If you observe puddling water in your yard, the culprit is not always the pool. Your home’s sprinkler system could be leaking within plumbing lines near the pool. Pool plumbing lines normally run in straight lines as closely as possible. Water that is puddling away from the pool is probably not a sign of a leak within the pool, but rather a sprinkler or something else in your yard.

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