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Salt Water Conversion

With over 1.3 million salt water pools in the U.S. today, what is the benefit of converting to a salt water pool? Before we can answer that question, we need to dive more into how do salt water pools work. Contrary to the name, salt water pools just like traditional pools, use chlorine to sanitize the water. The difference is a salt water pool uses a chlorine generator to produce natural chlorine by breaking down the salt into chloride and sodium. Once the salt is converted into chlorine, it sanitizes and oxidizes the water within the generator. The chlorine then turns back into salt once it goes back into the pool. This is a continuous process, so the pool is sanitized, and the water balanced. With a traditional pool, someone is routinely responsible for adding the necessary chemicals including chlorine. This is necessary as chlorine levels naturally diminish in order to sanitize the pool.

There are several benefits to owning a salt water pool.

  • Your skin, eyes, nose and hair will thank you. The water is softer and soothing on your skin. Salt water pools are also easier on the eyes and noses and your pool will not smell of chlorine
  • Easier to maintain. Salt water pools generate their own chlorine, therefore, there is less time and effort spent on lugging and storing chemicals.
  • Healthier and safer. Your salt water pool will not be salty like the ocean nor burn your eyes. You will get to enjoy the benefits of a traditional pool without the harmful chemicals.
  • Economical. Converting to a salt water pool is an investment, however, it will pay for itself over time by not paying for harmful chemicals.

If you are interested in converting your swimming pool into a salt water pool, feel free to contact Executive Blue Pools at (469) 340-2757.