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Executive Blue Pools has offered weekly pool cleaning services across North Dallas for over five years. Our service area includes most of N. DFW including Frisco, Plano, Allen, McKinney, and Prosper, TX. The Executive Blue Pools team of pool maintenance experts keeps your pool clean, safe, and properly functioning. After each visit to your home, you will receive an email update detailing the services provided and pictures explaining precisely what we did for you!

Starting at$119 per month

Yellow Diamond Package

We do the following:
  • Test pool chemistry
  • Chemically balance the pool water
  • Clean the pool skimmer and pump baskets
  • Check correct operation of pool cleaner
  • Inspect overall pool for leaks or problems
  • Brush pool walls, waterline tiles, and steps
Starting at$159 per month

Blue Diamond Package

We do the following:
  • Clean swimming pool floor*
  • Net pool surface*
  • Test pool chemistry
  • Chemically balance the water
  • Clean the skimmer and pump baskets
  • Check correct operation of pool cleaner
  • Inspect overall pool for leaks or problems
  • Brush pool walls, waterline tiles, and steps
  • *Difference between the Yellow and Blue Diamond packages
$150 +tax


Our Pool School is a 1-2 hour customized experience.

We send our top technician to your home. He will cover all the basics of pool ownership and operation. You will also have time to ask specific questions and address your personalized needs for your pool.




Our estimates are free, professional and fair. Most estimates require a site visit.

Do I need a Pool Company if I have an Automatic Pool Cleaner?

You might ask the question, “If I have an automatic pool cleaner for the floor and walls of my pool, why do I need a pool company?”

Pool maintenance may be much more involved than you think. Our trained and experienced technicians at Executive Blue Pools do more than just vacuum the floor and brush the walls of your pool. We inspect the equipment each week that we visit. We search for air leaks and water leaks on every piece of equipment like the variable speed pump, pool filter, Jandy valves, actuators, pool heater, Pentair Rainbow 320 in-line chlorinator, and Polaris booster pump. The North Texas weather fluctuates from cold mornings to very hot afternoons temperatures. The plastic and component parts of the equipment expand and contract causing leaks.

Our Frisco, TX Pool technicians examine all of the PVC plumbing, couplings, unions, and junctions where problems can occur.

We serve Most of N. DFW including Frisco, Allen, Mckinney, and Little Elm, and everything in between.

Next, our Executive Blue Pools technician makes sure your pool is perfectly chemically balanced. We use only the Pool and spa industry gold standard testing kit, the Taylor Technologies kit to test your swimming pool water. We test the water to insure the proper chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, and cyneric acid levels are in your swimming pool. As a part of our swimming pool maintenance, we add necessary chemicals such as chlorine, shock, meuraric acid, sodium bicarbonate, and salt each week as necessary. Most customers or potential customers do not have the professional knowledge, skills, or time to test and chemically balance their own pool water. Instead, you should let the swimming pool professionals at Executive Blue Pools do it for you.

Weekly Pool Cleaning Task To Keep Your Pool Running Smooth

We also insure that your pool is properly circulating. We empty the swimming pool skimmer baskets, pump pot baskets, and Polaris pool cleaner bag. Especially in high foliage times such as Spring or late Fall neglecting to empty these baskets or bags can lead to damaged equipment or the appearance of mustard algae, green algae, or brown algae in the swimming pool. We check to insure that the skimmers are flowing strongly. Pool filter pressure should be between 15-25 psi.

High filter pressure will lessen flow in a pool also. Our technicians check the filter pressure and perform a backwash if necessary on a DE filter. We must do a filter clean on cartridge filters running high pressure. In addition, we check to be sure that the Pentair Rainbow

320 in-line chlorinator is properly flowing giving correct chlorination to the pool.

In addition, we do many tasks to insure that your pool is protected against algae and other bacteria. One of the most important tasks in cleaning a pool is thoroughly brushing the walls, tiles, steps, and surfaces of the swimming pool. Bacteria and spores from algae can blow in from Spring storms on the wind. These algae spores begin to germinate and cling to the walls and surfaces of the pool. Executive Blue Pools pool technicians are specially trained to professionally brush all surfaces pushing any remnants of algae and bacteria into the properly chlorinated water below. Each visit we also properly balance the pool water and add chemicals to insure algae then dies and gets properly filtered in the pool filter. Checking for proper circulation in the pool also helps to fight against the easily proliferating algae bloom.

Leave Your DFW Pool Cleaning to the Experts

As you can tell, proper Texas pool maintenance includes much more than merely putting an automatic pool cleaner in your pool. Most people in Frisco, McKinney, Plano, and DFW do not have the skills, knowledge, or time to devote to properly maintaining their own pool. Our customers are busy with life so they hire swimming pool experts.  If your pool is neglected, it can quickly get out of hand and become a money pit and a source of frustration for you. Your solution is Executive Blue Pools. Call the pros at Executive Blue and hire them for all of your pool maintenance, pool repairs, and even pool renovation needs.

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