Low Water?


Low Water?

What if my water level in my pool is going down very fast?

Many times especially during the winter time we get calls and inquires about someone losing tons of water in their pool. If you experience what seems to be almost overnight water level problems, listen to this simple advice.

Do you have a DE filter? As you probably know, a DE filter has a backwash valve. In many cases, pools in which the water level decreases incredibly fast have a problem with the backwash valve. Maybe
the backwash valve was left open by you or your pool maintenance company. It is possible that freezing cold temperatures have caused the piston assembly to go bad on the backwash valve. Maybe the entire
backwash valve needs to be replaced. The biggest culprit for incredibly fast water loss is the backwash valve.

low water level in pool can damage pool equipment

The other key culprit for very fast water loss in the pool is the spa drain. Did you find your entire spa without water in it? Possibly someone bumped the drain control at your equipment with their knee.  Maybe you opened the spa drain when you thought you were doing something else over at your equipment. Find the spa drain and make
sure it is closed if there is a huge loss of water.

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