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Why Cleaning Your Texas Pool is So Important

Pool cleaning is an essential part of pool maintenance that must be done regularly to ensure a safe & healthy swimming pool for your loved ones. Cleaning a pool involves…

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Reasons To Upgrade Your Pool Control To An Automation System On Your Phone Or Tablet

If you own a swimming pool, you know that it requires regular maintenance and upkeep to keep the water clean and clear. You need to constantly monitor the pH level,…

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How To Ensure Proper Pool Circulation

Maintaining proper pool circulation is essential to keeping your pool clean, healthy, and enjoyable. Without proper circulation, your pool can become full of bacteria and other contaminants, making it unsafe…

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How To Properly Chlorinate A Pool?

Properly chlorinating your pool is an essential part of pool maintenance. Not only does it help keep your water clean, but it also helps keep swimmers safe from bacteria and…

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How to Fight Algae in Your Pool

The benefits of having your own swimming pool are numerous, but not without responsibility. Controlling the growth of algae is a common challenge. Algae can turn your shimmering blue pool…

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Winter Pool Maintenance Mistakes In Frisco

While some N. Texas pool owners choose to close their pools during the winter months, while others people in Frisco and the surrounding area choose to swim all year long….

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Using Your Pool in the Winter

If you suspect a problem with your pool’s heater, here are a few things you can check out. If you’re not able to determine the source of a problem, give…

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Do You Smell Chlorine?

Many people are under the mistaken impression that a noticeable chlorine smell or red eyes indicate excess chlorine in the water. Is this the case? Chances are‚Ķprobably not. Chloramines If…

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Is a Variable Speed Pump Right for You?

Most North Texas pool owners have heard that a variable speed pool pump will save them money. But how? And how much? How Does a Variable Speed Pool Pump Work?…

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The Top 5 Reasons Pool pH is Important

Why is it important to maintain the proper pH balance in your swimming pool? The right pH level in the water keeps your swimming pool sparkling clean, but it has…

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