Why Every Frisco Pool Owner Should Consider a Solar Heater


Why Every Frisco Pool Owner Should Consider a Solar Heater

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Having a pool in your backyard is a luxurious addition that enables you to take a refreshing dip anytime you want, right at home. However, one downside to having a pool in a place like Frisco, TX, is that you can only comfortably enjoy it during the warmer summer months. The rest of the year, the water is often too chilly for swimming.

This is where investing in a solar pool heating system can drastically improve your pool experience. Solar heaters use the sun’s energy to heat your pool water, extending your swimming season. For pool owners in Frisco, solar heating is an excellent option to consider for several key reasons. 

In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of solar pool heating and why every Frisco pool owner should give this system strong consideration.

Benefits of Solar Pool Heating for Frisco Homeowners

1. Dramatically Warmer Water Temperature

The #1 benefit of solar heating is achieving a much more comfortable and enjoyable water temperature in your pool. Whereas unheated pools in Frisco may top out around 70°F, a solar heater can boost your water to 80°F or higher on sunny days. That drastic temperature increase makes swimming and lounging in the pool a pleasure instead of a cold chore.

With a properly designed and installed solar heating system, you can expect to gain 2-8°F on your pool temperature compared to no heater at all. The greater the surface area of your solar collectors and the more direct sunlight they receive, the more heat they will be able to transfer into your pool.

2. Extended Swimming Season

By warming your pool water, a solar heater enables you to comfortably enjoy swimming for more months of the year. While unheated pools are generally only warm enough for most people from May-September, adding a solar heater lets you keep swimming through October and open up your pool as early as April.

If you’re dedicated, you may even be able to take quick dips in a solar-heated pool as early as March and as late as November in the Frisco area. That gives you nearly a 6 month swimming season instead of just 4 months without any heating.

3. Lower Energy Costs

Rather than relying on gas or electricity to heat your pool like a conventional heater, solar systems harness the free and abundant power of the sun. This means you’ll spend $0 on energy to operate your solar pool heating system.

A gas heater can cost $50-$100 per month or more to run in Frisco. So solar heat saves you big on your monthly energy bills. And solar tech requires minimal maintenance since there are no moving parts. You’ll just need to inspect the collectors a couple times per year.

4. Eco-Friendly Way to Heat Your Pool

In addition to saving money, using the sun’s rays to warm your pool is also the greenest option. Solar heating has zero carbon footprint. So you can reduce your environmental impact. This may even qualify you for local and federal tax rebates and credits for going solar.

5. Excellent for Saltwater Pools

Saltwater pools are an attractive option for many homeowners today. The salty water is gentler on your eyes and skin. A downside is that salt water can corrode metal elements in a standard pool heater. But solar heaters have no issues heating saltwater pools because they don’t come into contact with the water.

6. Increased Home Value

Investing in a solar pool heating system also boosts your home’s value. This eco-friendly addition demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. Solar heating lets you tout lower energy bills as well. Features like these make your home more appealing to buyers, meaning you’ll recoup much of your upfront costs.

Key Considerations for Solar Pool Heating in Frisco

While solar heat is a great option for most pool owners, there are some important factors to keep in mind:

  • Climate conditions – Solar heaters require adequate direct sunlight exposure. Northern Texas mostly fits the bill, although solar output dips on cloudier and cooler winter days. Supplementing with a gas heater on overcast periods can help.
  • Collector placement – Collectors need to be positioned where they’ll receive maximum sun exposure, usually on a south-facing section of roof. Consider potential shading from trees and other obstacles.
  • Pool size – Solar works better for smaller to midsize residential pools. Larger commercial pools may need hybrid heating with gas or electric.
  • Roof type – You’ll need adequate south-facing roof space for collector mounting. Tile or metal roofs usually require extra mounting equipment.
  • Local building codes – Be sure to have your solar heating plans reviewed to ensure compliance with Frisco building codes. Permits are typically required.

When designed and installed properly for your specific pool, climate, and home, solar heating can be an extremely effective way to boost your pool temperature.

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Solar Pool Heating Options for Frisco Homeowners

If you’re ready to explore solar heating for your Frisco pool, you’ll need to choose between two main system types:

Passive Solar Heating

This simpler and more affordable option uses your pool’s existing filter pump to run water through the collectors. It provides a modest 4-6°F temperature increase typically. Passive solar heating is a good choice for gradually extending your pool season.

Active Solar Heating

Active systems utilize a dedicated solar pump and larger collectors for maximum temperature gain. This provides up to 8-10°F of heating. The greater heating capacity enables comfortable swimming for more of the year. Active solar costs more upfront but maximizes energy savings long-term.

Beyond these basic system types, you’ll want solar collectors designed specifically for heating pools. Copper absorber plates with polypropylene channels are ideal. And make sure your solar contractor properly sizes the collection system for your particular pool size and location.

It’s also smart to invest in a solar cover. This acts like a blanket for your pool, trapping heat overnight. Combine a cover with solar heating for optimal temperature control.

Find the Right Frisco Pool Heater Installation Company

Installing a pool heater is an excellent way for Frisco homeowners to extend their swimming season and reduce pool heating costs. The technology has improved greatly in recent years, with systems that are more efficient, easier to maintain, and more affordable than ever.

The contractor you choose is key to getting a system that meets your needs and performs as expected. Be sure to:

  • Get 2-3 quotes from local pool heater services companies before deciding
  • Verify they are experienced with pool heating specifically
  • Ask about the warranties on labor and equipment
  • Have them provide referrals from past pool clients
  • Get everything detailed clearly in a contract

Quality craftsmanship is critical for proper collector installation and plumbing. You want a heating system engineered for efficiency and durability. So do your due diligence to find the best solar pool heating contractor for the job.

Take the Plunge With Solar Heat This Season

Summertime pool fun in your own backyard awaits with solar heating! 

Invest now and you’ll be enjoying warmer water within weeks. Additional months of comfortable swimming each year make solar a smart enhancement for any Frisco pool owner. Lower energy costs, reduced environmental impact, and increased home value are added benefits.

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