Is Swimming in a Leaky Pool Safe? Understanding the Urgency of Pool Leak Repairs


Is Swimming in a Leaky Pool Safe? Understanding the Urgency of Pool Leak Repairs

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It’s finally starting to feel like summer here in Frisco, Texas. As temperatures climb, there’s nothing better than taking a dip in your backyard pool to cool off. But if you notice your pool’s water level is lower than usual, you may have a leak. Is it still safe for your family to swim in a leaky pool? And how quickly do you need to address pool leak repairs?

As a pool owner, you have a responsibility to provide a safe swimming environment for your family and guests. A leaking pool jeopardizes that safety in several ways:

Risk of Electrical Shock

Electricity and water can be a dangerous combination. Your pool’s pump, heater, lights, and other electrical equipment are designed to operate safely when submerged in water. 

But as the water level drops due to a leak, electrical components can become exposed. Swimmers who come into contact with exposed electrical connections or wiring are at risk of potentially fatal electric shock drowning .

There are 2,400 people in the U.S. are hospitalized each year with injuries related to electrical shocks. Tragically, 33 fatalities by electrocution have occurred in swimming pools and spas, according to reports known by CPSC.

Increased Risk of Injury

When your pool’s water level is lower than usual, it also poses an increased risk of injury, especially for younger swimmers who like to jump in. Less water depth means there’s less room for stopping before hitting the bottom. 

Head and neck injuries can occur from hitting the pool floor or even steps and benches that are meant to be submerged. Don’t allow a leak to create an unsafe diving condition in your pool.

Structural Damage

Slow leaks may not seem like an emergency, they can result in very expensive structural issues if left unresolved. When the water level in your pool drops from a leak, hydraulic pressure changes. The weight of the surrounding soil pushes in, causing your pool to lift or crack. Once these structural cracks develop, they continue deteriorating and expanding even after you’ve fixed the original leak.

Ground movement and soil saturation from leaking pool water can also compromise the stability of surrounding structures like patios, decks, and even your home’s foundation. Don’t let an ignored leak lead to hazardous ground conditions around your pool.

Wasted Water

In drought, prone places like North Texas, wasting water through an unrepaired pool leak is irresponsible and illegal. Leaking pools in Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Prosper and surrounding areas can waste thousands of gallons of water per month. 

You have an obligation to conserve our limited water resources. Check municipal codes, local authorities can issue citations and fines for excessive water loss from a known leak.

Higher Energy Bills

Assuming your pump keeps operating as normal, a leaking pool will cause your equipment to run longer than needed, increasing energy consumption. You’ll also lose expensive heat to the leak, forcing your pool heater to work harder. All this added energy use shows up on your utility bills. 

Now that you understand the many risks of swimming in a leaky pool, let’s look at how to spot signs of a leak and the urgency of repairs.

Detecting a Pool Leak

Watch for these common indicators that your pool may be leaking:

  • Pool water level lower than normal or dropping faster than usual after refilling
  • Soft, muddy spots developing in the soil around your pool
  • Cracks or structural movement in the pool foundation
  • Pump running constantly but is unable to maintain normal water level
  • Higher than normal pump electricity use

You can also perform a bucket test to diagnose for certain. Mark the water level and set out a bucket overnight. Measure the amount it drops by morning to estimate your leak rate. But don’t just rely on the bucket test alone. Even a very slow leak will become hazardous over time.

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Evaluating Leak Repair Urgency

Any detected pool leak needs to be addressed ASAP. But just how soon you need repairs depends on multiple factors:

  • Leakage rate – A faster leak indicates greater hydraulic pressure changes and risks. Get it fixed immediately.
  • Leak location – Leaks from pipes need urgent repairs, but small liner leaks may be safe for days if you monitor closely.
  • Electrical hazards – If a leak could expose electrical components, repairs become an emergency.
  • Landscape erosion – Rapid soil saturation requires quick action to avoid collapse.
  • Season – Leaks are especially concerning headed into summer peak swimming season.

Prioritizing Pool Leak Repairs

Swimming in a leaking pool is never worth the risk. Leak repairs should be a top priority, here’s why:

  • Protect safety of family, friends and guests
  • Avoid expensive structural repairs from future ground shifts
  • Eliminate the costs of extra pump operation and chemicals
  • Maintain safe water chemistry by stopping dilution
  • Keep water sanitary by preventing contamination through cracks
  • Prevent potential citations for property damage, unsafe conditions, or wasting water

The risks only get worse over time. Take all leaks seriously and act fast to protect your investment. Need a professional repair? Contact us today. 

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As discussed throughout this article, a leak in your swimming pool can lead to a number of problems if not addressed quickly. Water loss leads to damage and unsafe conditions, not to mention wasted money and resources. 

The experts at Executive Blue want to help you identify and repair any leaks before they become an expensive headache. We offer superior leak detection and guaranteed repairs in Frisco, Allen, McKinney, and Prosper. 

Contact us today at +1 469 340 2757 or drop us an email at for a fast leak detection service and repair estimate. Don’t wait until you have major structural issues or pumps running dry. A small leak today can easily become a huge, dangerous problem tomorrow. 

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