Suspecting a Leak? How to Evaluate Your Pool for Leak Detection


Suspecting a Leak? How to Evaluate Your Pool for Leak Detection

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If you suspect your pool may have a leak, being able to accurately evaluate and locate the leak is crucial for resolving the issue quickly and cost-effectively. As one of the most experienced pool service companies in the area, Executive Blue Pools is uniquely equipped to assist you in detecting even the most subtle pool leaks before they become bigger, more difficult problems. 

Read on as we explain the common signs of a pool leak, our professional leak detection process, and why timely leak detection services are critical for every pool owner.

Signs Your Pool May Be Losing Water 

If you notice any of the following signs, your pool may have a leak that requires professional leak detection:

  • Falling Water Level – The most obvious red flag is if you consistently need to add more water to your pool to keep it at the normal level. Keep in mind that some water loss due to splashing, evaporation, or backwashing filters is normal, but a drop of 1⁄4 inch or more daily often indicates a leak.
  • Rising Humidity Near Pool Area – A leak can cause moisture or humidity around the leak location, even causing wet spots or algae growth on pool walls.
  • Soft Spots or Cracks in Concrete – Pool leaks often penetrate through concrete, causing erosion that leads to soft spots, cracking, or collapsing areas—usually at the floor-wall junction.
  • Higher Electric and Water Bills – A pool leak can substantially increase water and electric bills since the pump has to run more to operate enough to refill lost water.
  • White Hazy Water – Leaked water filtering back into the pool through cracks and voids can create cloudy water from an imbalance in chemicals and minerals.

The Professional Executive Blue Pools Leak Detection Process 

If you notice any leak signs, Executive Blue Pools has an extensive, technology-driven leak detection process perfected from years of experience tracking down problematic leaks other companies can’t find. Our systematic approach includes:

  1. Comprehensive Leak Inspection – We first thoroughly inspect all pool components above and below water—plumbing, jets, tiles, concrete, coping stones—for damage allowing water intrusion. We also look for signs like moisture or cracks pointing to the leak location.
  2. Customized Underwater Dye Testing – We may custom-inject non-toxic concentrated dye into pool components to closely watch its path and pinpoint where and how quickly it leaks out.
  3. Electronic Listening Devices – Our leak detection specialists may use specialized electronic devices to “listen” for the sound frequency changes associated with even tiny leaks as little as a dime-sized hole slowly dripping water.
  4. Pressure Testing – If necessary, we have the equipment for more involved hydrostatic pressure testing that evaluates leak flow rates, and can even force open weeping cracks for water spurting out to reveal the leak source.
  5. Pinpointed Leak Diagnosis – By methodically employing one or a combination of these advanced diagnostic techniques, our leak detection professionals can provide you an accurate, pinpointed diagnosis of the leak’s location, severity, and service options.

Why Timely Professional Leak Detection Is Critical 

Many pool owners either ignore slow leaks or delay calling leak detection services, hoping the issue fixes itself or isn’t serious. This is a risky mindset, because pool leaks:

  • Rarely heal or re-seal themselves – in fact, most grow larger over time leading to substantially bigger, more difficult repairs.
  • Can quickly escalate from nuisance leaks into major damage like sinkholes undermining the entire pool foundation.
  • Allow ongoing water loss that hikes utility bills and chemical costs over time.

By accurately pinpointing pool leaks when they first start, Executive Blue Pools’ professional leak detection services can guide repairs BEFORE leaks create structural instability or other big problems. 

Just as importantly, early leak detection limits excess water usage to control your monthly bills. If you suspect your pool is losing water, contact us immediately about our unmatched leak finding expertise before minor issues take a turn for the major.

If You Suspect a Leak, Reach Out To Us Today

Has your pool been losing water more frequently or showing other signs of a potential leak? As discussed here, detecting subtle leaks early using advanced technology and processes gives pool owners the best odds of affordable repairs before leaks risk turning into even larger water loss, chemical imbalance, utility hikes, or foundational issues down the road.

Don’t take chances with your pool’s water tightness and structural stability. Contact us immediately at +1 469 340 2757 or email if you have any inkling your pool is leaking. As leading regional experts in scientifically pinpointing pool leaks other service companies simply overlook, we have the cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities, equipment, and decades of experience to accurately find your leak and guide strategic repairs. 

Reach out for exceptional leak detection services protecting your pool investment with peace of mind.

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