Investing in a Pool Heater: Factors to Consider for a Smart Purchase


Investing in a Pool Heater: Factors to Consider for a Smart Purchase

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If you own a pool in Frisco, TX, you know the swimming season can be frustratingly short if you don’t have a pool heater. While sunny days in summer mean plenty of time to make a splash, cool temperatures the rest of the year make swimming unbearable or even impossible. Investing in a high-quality pool heater can greatly extend the number of days you can comfortably take a dip.

When purchasing a pool heater, there are several key factors savvy pool owners consider to ensure they choose the best model for their needs and budget. As one of the most trusted providers of premium pools cleaning service in Frisco, TX and the surrounding area, Executive Blue Pools is here to guide you through choosing the ideal pool heating system.

Understanding Pool Heaters

Pool heaters are devices that regulate the temperature of your pool water, making swimming enjoyable even when it’s chilly outside.

How Do Pool Heaters Work?

Pool heaters work by transferring heat energy to the water using gas, electricity, solar power or heat pumps to raise the temperature. Gas heaters have a pilot light that ignites the burners as needed while electric heaters use heating elements submerged in the water. Solar heaters rely on solar panels and pumps to capture the sun’s warmth while heat pumps pull ambient heat from the air and transfer it to the pool water.

What Factors Impact Your Heating Costs?

Several critical considerations determine your ongoing pool heating costs. Carefully weighing these factors helps you choose the most energy efficient and cost-effective option for your pool.

  • Pool size – Heating a larger body of water requires more energy. Calculate your pool’s square footage when estimating heating expenses.
  • Usage – pools used more frequently incur higher energy bills. Consider how often you want to use the pool during cooler weather.
  • Climate – Colder regions mean winterizing or closing the pool, requiring more fall and spring heating. Texas weather allows for a longer swim season.
  • Features – Additional elements like waterfalls, spas and fountains increase heat loss. Account for these design aspects when planning your heating system.
  • Efficiency rating – Choose a system with at least an 80% efficiency rating to save on energy costs. Newer models often advertise efficiency up to 97%.

What Are the Different Types of Pool Heaters?

Determining your key considerations allows you to narrow down what type of pool heater makes the most sense for your poolscape design, lifestyle and budget. Executive Blue Pools specializes in installing and maintaining gas and solar pool heating systems. Here’s an overview of your main options:

Gas heaters provide the fastest heat-up time and use less energy compared to electric options. You can readily control the pool temperature. Executives Blue’s specialists recommend highly efficient gas pool heater models from trusted brands like Raypak and Pentair.

Electric heaters require no additional utility connections, making them quick and easy to install. However, they may not reach desired temperatures as fast as gas and may have high operating costs depending on your electricity rate.

Solar heaters utilize free and abundant sunshine to elevate your pool’s temperature by as much as 15°F. Solar heating pairs well with gas or electric systems, but works best in hot, sunny weather.

Heat pumps pull heat from the air and move it to the pool water. The install easily with low operating costs, but warmer pools use more electricity, and they depend on ambient air temperatures to adequately heat.

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What Factors Impact Pool Heater Efficiency Ratings?

An efficiency rating signifies what percentage of the fuel or energy used directly heats the water rather than being lost in the process. Self-contained pool heaters rate around 80-85% efficiency while new cutting-edge models boast ratings in the mid 90% range.

Consider these influences on efficiency when estimating costs:

  • Age – As with most appliances, an older unit operates less efficiently. Prioritize upgrades for appliances over 10 years old. Newer systems integrate better insulation, heat exchangers and electronics.
  • Speed vs temperature – Faster heating times use more energy, lowering efficiency. Finding the right balance helps minimize expenses.
  • Size – Correct sizing ensures optimal efficiency. Avoid over or undersized heating systems. Consider scale in relation to your pool dimensions and climate.
  • Installation – Proper installation positioning, clearances and connections keep systems running at peak efficiency. Entrust this crucial step to Executive Blue’s team of expert technicians.

What Maintenance Does a Pool Heater Require?

Routine care ensures your pool heating system continues operating safely and efficiently over its lifespan. Generally, gas and solar heaters require less regular upkeep compared to heat pumps and electric heaters.

Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines, but expect to provide basic annual care such as:

  • Inspecting supply connections and pipes for leaks, blockages or damage
  • Checking control panels and system buttons or switches
  • Clearing debris or overgrowth from around the exterior
  • Testing safety controls like water pressure sensors
  • Replacing worn parts like o-rings or gaskets
  • Cleaning filters, screens and collectors

Proper winterization at the end of swim season prevents weather damage, extending the heater’s longevity. The region’s relatively mild winters make this a straightforward annual task in most cases.

Help Choosing the Best Pool Heater in Frisco, TX

Along with the convenience of reliably comfortable water temperature year-round, upgrading to an efficient pool heating system enhances your property’s value. As industry leaders providing premier outdoor living environments to Frisco, Plano & Allen areas clients, Executive Blue Pools knows firsthand the transformative effect heated pools offer homeowners.

We specialize in gorgeous poolscapes backed by impeccable service and proactive support. Contact us at (469) 340-2757 for a free in-home consultation with one of our pool heating experts. We’ll help guide you through all factors to consider when investing in a pool heater to ensure your purchase aligns with both practical considerations and your unique needs. Our specialists will provide a fast, accurate estimate on installing a premium heating system to match your backyard vision.

FAQs – Pool Heaters

  1. What’s the most energy-efficient type of pool heater? Solar heaters are generally the most energy-efficient, especially in sunny climates.
  2. How do I know what size heater I need for my pool? The size depends on your pool’s surface area and temperature preferences.
  3. Are pool heaters safe to use? Yes, as long as they’re installed correctly and have the necessary safety features.
  4. How often do pool heaters need maintenance? Regular maintenance, at least once a year, is recommended to ensure efficiency and longevity.
  5. Can I install a pool heater myself? While DIY installation is possible, professional installation is recommended for safety and efficiency.

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