Common Causes of Swimming Pool Leaks: What Every Frisco Pool Owner Should Know


Common Causes of Swimming Pool Leaks: What Every Frisco Pool Owner Should Know

Ensure your swimming oasis stays perfect with Frisco Pool Leak Detection services

If you own a swimming pool in Frisco, TX, leaks can turn into a frustrating and expensive problem. But many pool leaks are preventable when you understand what causes them and how to spot issues early. As your local pool service company, Executive Blue Pools wants to empower Frisco pool owners to catch leaks before they become bigger issues.

In this post, we’ll cover the most common causes of swimming pool leaks in Frisco and what you can do about them as a pool owner. Read on to learn what makes pools leak, along with tips for leak detection, prevention, and repair.

Cracked Plumbing Pipes

Swimming pool plumbing systems contain many feet of PVC pipe that circulate water from the pool to the pump and filter. If any section of these pipes cracks or breaks, it can spring a leak. Plumbing leaks often show up around pool equipment or underneath the pool deck.

Potential causes of cracked plumbing pipes include:

  1. Freezing temperatures: If pipes freeze in the winter, expanding ice can crack pipes. Ensure all above-ground pipes are insulated and below-ground pipes are installed below the freeze line.
  2. Old age: PVC pipes become brittle and crack over time. Inspect visible plumbing yearly for cracks and replace components proactively.
  3. Improper installation: If pipes are glued improperly or placed under stress, joints may separate. Hire a professional pool company for plumbing repairs and replacements.
  4. Ground shifting: Expansive soils, tree roots, etc. can shift pipe placements underground and cause stress fractures.

Keep an eye out for wet spots around pool equipment or under the deck to catch plumbing leaks early. A pool leak detection company like Executive Blue Pools can also inspect underground pipes before leaks appear above ground.

Worn Plumbing Seals & Gaskets

The plumbing connections that join pipes, pumps, filters, and valves together rely on rubber seals and gaskets to prevent leakage. Over years of heat, chemical exposure, and pressure, these seals dry out and crack, opening up space for water to escape.

Check equipment pads frequently for wet spots, which may indicate leaks at gaskets. Hire a pool pro immediately if you spot leakage so worn seals and gaskets can be replaced throughout the system. Continuing to operate pool equipment with leaks can cause more damage over time.

Cracks & Holes in Pool Surface

The pool shell itself can also leak water in cases of damage. Cracks, holes, and joints in the pool surface provide opportunity for water to seep out. Potential causes include:

  1. Structural issues: Improper installation, ground shifting, freeze/thaw cycles can cause pool shells to crack over the long-term.
  2. Material failure: Vinyl liners and fiberglass pool finishes can crack or delaminate after years of use, exposing porous materials underneath that leak.
  3. Damage: Accidents happen – falling tree branches, lawn equipment, shifting deck joints, etc. can all damage the pool surface suddenly.

Inspect the pool interior and exterior frequently for cracks or holes, which may weep water. Again, ongoing leakage can erode supporting soils and cause bigger, more dangerous issues. Our leak detection technicians can also scan pool shells for invisible breaches using specialized equipment.

Loose Fittings & Connections

There are many connections between pool system components, including skimmer housings, return fittings, main drains, and jets. If any of the fittings come loose at connections due to vibration, age, or improper installation, it opens up room for leakage.

Walk around the pool perimeter when the pool is full and press gently on areas around fittings, looking for moisture. Have a pool professional tighten or re-glue any loose connections immediately to prevent worsening leakage issues.

Keep Maintaining Equipment Properly

You can avoid many pool plumbing leaks by practicing regular maintenance on equipment like pumps, filters, valves, and heating systems. Change all rubber seals and gaskets once a year or according to manufacturer recommendations. Continually check system components for early wear, cracks, corrosion, and other issues—don’t wait for problems to occur!

A qualified swimming pool service technician can inspect the hidden plumbing and equipment that keeps your pool running properly, not just the pool surface. Include preventative maintenance visits from Executive Blue Pools in your regular pool and spa care schedule.

How To Spot Leaks Early

Catching pool leaks quickly is key to less-expensive repairs. Here are some early signs of leakage in your swimming pool:

  1. Sliding structural integrity: Check for cracks in pool decks, patios, retaining walls around the pool due to water washing away supportive soils.
  2. Soggy spots in nearby soil: Some leaks may bypass the pool shell or plumbing and leak directly into surrounding soils first.
  3. Unstable ground cover: If the soil or grass around the pool edge seems softer than normal, excess subsurface moisture could indicate leaks.
  4. Higher water usage: Monitor your water expenses monthly and be attentive when refilling the pool more often than seems normal due to declining water levels.
  5. Higher chemical usage: If you’re using chemicals, especially chlorine, faster than normal, undisclosed leaks could be diluting your water as you add more.

Don’t ignore pool issues with foundations, water usage, or chemicals! Contact us for professional leak detection services if anything seems abnormal. The sooner leaks get expert attention, the less time and money goes down the drain.

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Pool Leak Repair Options in Frisco, TX

If and when leaks occur in your Frisco swimming pool, know that repair options exist, including:

  1. Pipe patches & seals: Cracked plumbing pipes may only require a waterproof adhesive seal rather than full replacement.
  2. Seal/gasket replacement: New seals and gaskets can fix leaks at equipment connections and fittings without huge costs.
  3. Surface patching: Available patches range from quick-fix underwater epoxies to full-depth concrete repairs for structural integrity.
  4. Drainplug installation: Flexible rubber drain plugs inserted inside leaking pipes use water pressure to inflate and stop leaks semi-permanently.
  5. Liner replacement: Severe vinyl liner leaks may require complete resurfacing for proper repairs.

The fastest way to stop any leak is a full drain and repair. But for small, hidden, or slow leaks without major shell issues, many modern patching products offer simpler fixes. Our service techs at Executive Blue Pools inspect each unique leak and recommend the best solutions.

Prevent Future Pool Leaks

To avoid fighting pool leaks every summer, be proactive with these prevention tips:

  • Inspect all accessible plumbing and equipment connections regularly for deterioration and leaks before they worsen.
  • Replace worn parts like seals and pumps based on manufacturer timelines, not failure timelines.
  • Re-grout pool tiles when old grout erodes to add another water barrier layer.
  • Direct rain, irrigation, and drainage runoff away from pool and deck edges where it can erode structural stability.
  • Maintain proper pool chemistry at all times to avoid metal corrosion and vinyl/plaster degradation.

An ounce of pool leak prevention truly outweighs a pound of repairs for Frisco pool owners. Don’t wait for problems to arise – contact Executive Blue Pools today to schedule seasonal maintenance!

Trust Executive Blue Pools for Pool Leak Detection & Repair

If you suspect any issues with your swimming pool in the Frisco, TX, area that could indicate leaks, don’t take chances or ignore it. Reach out to the expert technicians at Executive Blue Pools for professional leak detection and repair services in Frisco and beyond. 

Contact us at (469) 340-2757 to schedule a complete leak test and inspection. Our team serves pool owners across Frisco, TX and can help diagnose your pool thoroughly to catch leaks early. We also offer a range of repair options to fix leaks and prevent further structural damage or water loss.

Investing in regular pool maintenance and leak detection now saves thousands in repairs down the road. We look forward to helping Frisco pool owners enjoy safe, worry-free summers for years to come.

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