What Should I Do If My Pool Is Green?


What Should I Do If My Pool Is Green?

The best weapon against algae in a swimming pool is quick response. Executive Blue Pools responds very quickly to any sign of algae in a swimming pool. At Executive Blue Pools, we send well-trained, competent pool service technicians to any of our customer pools immediately. We brush the swimming pool walls, tiles, floor, and steps vigorously until all signs of algae are gone. We add appropriate doses of chlorine, shock and algaecide to the swimming pool. We set time clocks and control boards to insure the pool system is running at correct times to circulate shock and algaecide to kill the algae in the swimming pool. Many home owners do not have expertise and professionalism to know how to properly brush algae off of pool surfaces. They also do not understand water chemistry and swimming pool chemicals enough to destroy the algae and restore their swimming pool to proper functioning.

If you have questions about algae in your swimming pool or need to hire a top notch swimming pool company for swimming pool maintenance, swimming pool repair, or swimming pool remodeling, call us at Executive Blue Pools. Reach Executive Blue Pools at 469-340-2757 to speak daily with a representative from our Prosper pool cleaning service.

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