Why is My Pool Cloudy?


Why is My Pool Cloudy?

Although fall technically starts this month, it’s still pool weather in North Texas. Our warm temperatures allow us to use our pools for an extended time each year unless unusual weather occurs. In addition, those with pool heaters can enjoy swimming year-round. That said, jumping into a cloudy pool is off-putting to anyone. There are a variety of factors that can affect the quality of your pool water, from weather factors, issues with your pool filter, or water chemistry issues. What causes your swimming pool’s water to turn cloudy?

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Weather Factors

Weather can have a detrimental effect on your pool’s water quality. Rain can alter your pool’s chemical balance, reducing its sanitization properties. The opposite is also true: an abundance of sunshine can affect the balance, as too much sunlight can raise the temperature of the water enough to allow more bacteria to grow. In addition, the sun’s ultraviolet rays gradually break down a pool’s chlorine, reducing its sanitization abilities.

Filter Check

If a pool’s pump or filter is not functioning at optimal levels, your water may take on a murky appearance. You’ll want to be sure to check the pool filter for dirt and debris from recent rainstorms. There may be excess debris particles in your water because of a clogged filter. If a filter is unclogged, but not functioning well, it may have a valve problem, a broken part, or its filter cartridges may need to be replaced. D.E. filters, or Diatomaceous Earth filters, have grids that may need to be changed out.

If you are a client of Executive Blue Pools, your filter is cleaned and checked to make sure it is functioning at its best on a regular basis. However, if you are performing pool maintenance on your own, be sure to clean your filter several times a year to help it perform at its best and regularly sweep the area near your filter with a pool brush to try and minimize dirt and debris.

Pool Water Chemistry Check

Most of the time, cloudy pool water is caused by the water chemistry being off. Testing the water to determine the level of adjustment needed is the first step. Call Executive Blue Pools for a pool cleaning visit. If you are comfortable testing the water yourself, you can do so with a test kit or test strips. Pool test kits are designed to evaluate the total chlorine in the pool, its alkalinity, water hardness, and other factors.

Pure water has a pH of 7.0, which is neutral. The pH of a pool should be between 7.2 and 7.6, with 7.4 being the ideal balance. Levels below 7.0 indicate acidic water and levels above 7.8 indicate the water is too alkaline.

Chlorine Issues

Chlorine levels should stay between 3 to 5 parts per million (ppm). If your test strip or test kit shows the amount is less than 3.0 ppm, more chlorine is needed. If your water test is showing low or no chlorine levels, your swimming pool should be treated with calcium hypochlorite shock. Executive Blue Pool’s staff are experienced in effectively sanitizing and clearing the pool water of bacteria, algae, or other contaminants that could be causing murky water.

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Cloudy Pool Water Review

  • Weather and temperature can influence the clarity of your swimming pool water.
  • Improper filtration can contribute to cloudy water. Make sure your pump and filter are working properly.
  • Cloudy water is often the result of poor water chemistry. Test your water to make sure it is balanced optimally.
  • Chlorine imbalance can also cause cloudy water, so adding shock to your pool can return it to clear, clean condition.

Prevent Cloudy Pool Water

  • Run the pump for a minimum of 8 hours per day.
  • Angle pool returns away from the surface of the water.
  • Position jets downward so water circulates properly.
  • Backwash the filter until water flows clear throughout the season.
  • Empty debris from the skimmer basket that could clog flow.
  • Maintain a pH within the ideal range of 7.2 to 7.6.
  • Maintain chlorine within the ideal range of 3 to 5 ppm.
  • Use pool shock after lots of rain, high temperatures, or heavy use.

Having the appropriate level of chlorine in the water and maintaining the right pH are essential to keeping your pool clear, clean, and inviting. Do you have any questions about how to keep your pool ready for use? Executive Blue Pools is available for cleaning service and to answer any questions you have.


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