Air Bubbles


Air Bubbles

What should I do if I have air bubbles coming out of my pool jets?

Bubbles coming out of pool returns or more commonly called pool jets are a sign that you have an air leak somewhere in the system. So what could be the culprits of such an air leak?

First, make sure the water level in the pool is appropriate. Water should be halfway up the skimmers or to the top of the overflow grate at all times. When water levels go below these levels, the pool no longer has water covering the pipe opening. Therefore the pool pump is not pulling in water but air. Therefore your pump will not properly function, and you will get air leaks into the pool on the return side.

Second, check your weir door flaps on the skimmers. A small twig, rock, or other debris can get lodged causing the skimmer door not to properly close. Therefore air can get into the system making the air bubbles appear on the return side of the pool.

Third, make sure the o-ring on the pump pot lid is not allowing air into the system. When you or your pool technician empties the pump pot basket in the pump, you must make sure that the lid o-ring is properly
put back on. It should be lubed up to ensure no air is getting in. In some cases, the pump pot lid o-ring should be replaced.

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