Essential Pool Repairs to Consider: Addressing Leaky Pipes, Noisy Pumps, and More


Essential Pool Repairs to Consider: Addressing Leaky Pipes, Noisy Pumps, and More

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It’s that time of year when pool owners start prepping their backyard oases for another season of summer fun. But before you fill ‘er up, it’s important to assess the condition of your pool and make any necessary repairs. Ignoring seemingly minor issues can lead to bigger problems down the road—not to mention make your pool less safe and enjoyable to use.

As a top provider of pool installation, maintenance, and repair services in the Frisco area, the team at Executive Blue Pools wants to ensure all our neighbors’ pools are functioning properly before beach season kicks into high gear. 

Read on as we break down the most essential pool repairs to tackle.

1. Patch Crackly, Leaky Plumbing

Has the concrete decking around your pool started to crack and crumble? Are your pipes leaking small but persistent drips into the soil surrounding your pool? Repairing leakages may seem like a nuisance, but it’s one of the most important pool repairs you can make this season.

Even minor drips can result in huge volumes of water loss over weeks and months of pool use. This drains your pool constantly, making it necessary to top up frequently (and expensively!). Plus, water leaking into the ground can cause the expansion and contraction of soil and concrete. 

This puts pressure on your pool’s outer structural integrity and can worsen cracks exponentially. Catching and patching leaky plumbing ensures water stays inside the pool where it belongs—and prevents damage to the structure of your pool.

The efficient technicians at Executive Blue Pools have specialized expertise in leak detection and perform pipe patching and pool resurfacing services that will leave your pool looking fresh. We also offer professional crack repair services for even the most distressed concrete. 

2. Replace Noisy, Worn-Out Pumps

A pool pump is the heart of your pool’s circulation system. This hardworking unit filters all the water in your pool, keeping it sparkling clean by removing debris, algae, bacteria and more. But after years of nearly nonstop operation through summer seasons, this essential component can start to wear down.

Have you noticed your pump getting louder and louder? Does it make screeching, grinding noises while operating? This may signal broken internal parts, like failing bearings or a warped impeller. Not only are these disruptive noises a nuisance, they also indicate that your pool pump is functioning inefficiently and unable to keep water properly filtered.

Replacing a failing, inefficient pool pump with a brand new energy-efficient model is one of the best investments you can make. Your water will circulate better, filtering out more contaminants for a healthier, more enjoyable swim. Your utility bills will shrink thanks to far lower electricity demands. And you’ll regain peace and quiet while lounging poolside.

The pump replacement pros at Executive Blue Pools source only premier products from leading brands like Pentair, Hayward and Jandy. We’re up to speed on sizing requirements, voltage options and digital controls. Trust our experienced team to replace your pump properly so it operates whisper-quiet all season long.

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3. Patch Damaged Pool Liners

Vinyl is the most popular pool liner material thanks to its durability, easy care, and range of color and pattern options. But vinyl liners still face deterioration from UV rays, chemicals and normal wear and tear. Patching liner damage helps prevent further ripping or water leaking between the liner and pool wall—which can cause structural issues.

Small holes, tears around skimmer openings, and blisters in the vinyl are all simple to patch. But when shrinkage, extensive cracking and major ripping occurs, this indicates it’s time for a full liner replacement. Depending on the extent of damage, our professional technicians can expertly patch small flaws or install a brand new custom liner. We only use the thickest vinyls from trusted brands for maximum longevity.

Give your liner a check during preseason prep. Catching damage early makes patching less expensive and lowers the risk of needing a full liner replacement down the line. Call Executive Blue Pools to schedule liner inspection and repairs. We’ll have you summer ready in no time!

4. Deep Clean Filthy Pool Floors

No matter how careful swimmers are, after years of use pools inevitably accumulate grit, debris, algae and stubborn stains on the floor. Trying to vacuum up this grimy buildup yourself can be an exercise in frustration. Instead, let the pros at Executive Blue Pools thoroughly deep clean your pool floor and walls as part of our preparatory maintenance services.

Our powerful vacuum units are custom-designed to suction up virtually all traces of debris embedded in concrete, tile and liner surfaces that regular vacuums just can’t tackle. Combine this with professional-strength clarifiers, cleaners and scrub brushes and we’ll eradicate the dingiest stains for a like-new pool floor! Contact us today to schedule an interior pool surface deep cleaning.

A Clean Bill of Pool Health

Don’t resign yourself to swimming in a subpar pool this year because you’ve put off essential maintenance and repairs. Rejuvenate and protect your pool with Executive Blue Pools of technical skill and hands-on expertise in all aspects of pool repair and renovation.

If your pool is in need of any repairs – from pipe patching to pump replacement to liner repairs and more – contact us today at +1 469 340 2757 or email to schedule our professional Pool Repair Service. We offer reliable maintenance and repairs for all makes and models.

We offer free consultations and quotes. Our friendly, local technicians serve the Frisco, TX area, and we take pride in contributing to the health, happiness, and safety of our community.

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