Is Your Pool Trashed?


Is Your Pool Trashed?

How is your pool looking right now? Instead of shimmering blue water, are you looking at dingy green water? The degree to which your pool is green will give you an idea of how best to fix it and how long it will take.

Why is my pool green in the winter?

Algae gets access to your pool through the air, catching a ride on debris like leaves, dirt, or twigs, or even pool toys. Algae typically thrives in warm water, but it can flourish even during the cooler North Texas winter months if the right conditions exist. The right conditions are water that offers algae a food source and a beneficial environment. The most common reason for an algae-friendly environment is poor chemical balance in your swimming pool. Chlorine is typically used to prevent the growth of algae. However, when the level of chlorine drops out of the proper range, algae can quickly start to grow and spread. Water that is not sanitized or being circulated and filtrated properly can also create an environment conducive to algae growth. Apply algaecide and Cal-Hypo to the pool.

Proper maintenance prevents algae growth. Even if your pool isn’t being used regularly during the cooler winter months, it is very important to keep it properly maintained and sanitized. When algae finds water with nitrogen and phosphorus, it has a food source, and the tell-tale green bloom can appear almost overnight. Your pool may also need a filter clean after draining and power washing your pool.

green swimming poolIf your pool has just recently turned a light green, you’ll want to boost the chlorine levels and possibly add copper-free algaecide in your pool immediately. If you don’t get the results you need, you could also add “chlorine shock” with an algaecide supplement. This should be enough to address an algae problem that has just recently developed.

Draining and power-washing your pool

If your pool has turned a dark, murky green, boosting chlorine and a shock treatment may not be enough to correct the issue. If you have neglected your pool’s maintenance for some time, you may need to drain and power wash your pool. However, this needs to be done properly so unless you have the experience and time to devote to the process, please call Executive Blue Pools. Executive Blue Pools does not suggest using the main drain in your pool to drain water through the filter backwash valve.  Instead, we suggest renting or buying a pump, placing the hose down the street or storm drain, and draining. If you are doing this yourself, please check with your city regarding their water draining ordinances.

Wait until the pool is dry to sweep up any remaining debris. Cover all electrical components in the area including pump motors and heaters. Apply the correct pressure washer detergent from the bottom up. You will want to wash the walls first, then move to the floor, continually adding water to any area that starts to dry. Afterward, flush the detergent and residue from the walls, working from the top down. You can then apply an algaecide such as Cal-Hypo to the pool.

You may still notice some cloudiness in your swimming pool after the algae have been treated. After running the pump and filter for a full 24 hours, you should notice the water beginning to return to normal.

To ensure your pool doesn’t turn green again, you need to make sure your chlorine levels are consistent and regularly test pH and alkalinity levels. Chlorine needs proper pH levels to sanitize safely and effectively.

The easiest way to avoid a green pool is to provide your swimming pool with regular professional servicing from Executive Blue Pools. We know how to prevent an algae problem and pride ourselves in providing worry-free service for busy people. Our experienced staff can care for your swimming pool and help you avoid any small problems that can turn into big ones!

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