What are Pool Skimmer Baskets and What Do They Do?


What are Pool Skimmer Baskets and What Do They Do?

What are Pool Skimmer Baskets and What Do They DoPool Skimmer baskets are part of your pool system that allows an overflow of surface water into a suction pipe that goes to the filter. You will be surprised by what all is found in pool skimmer baskets.  These skimmers are normally covered by lids, with one pool consisting of anywhere from 1 – 5 skimmers. Most lids are the same. Simple 10-inch disks that cover the skimmer opening. Sometimes animals get caught in the water and end up in the skimmers. One way for animals to escape is to use Critter Skimmer lids. The lids allow most animals to help themselves out of the pool.

In the skimmer area, there is a skimmer basket. The skimmer basket provides a barrier of large debris from entering the pipes to the filter. Normally the skimmer baskets are made out of hard plastic and have some sort of weight or handle for ease of use. Skimmer baskets can get a lot of debris in them depending on the time of year and location



pool equipment diagramEmptying out of skimmer baskets is one of the items included with our weekly pool cleaning service

It is wise as a pool owner to check and empty your skimmer baskets at least once a week. If you have weekly pool service with Executive Blue Pools, we will always check the skimmer baskets during our visit. Broken or cracked baskets serve little purpose as large debris may enter through the cracks. Skimmer baskets are a quick and easy replacement to ensure the optimum function of your pool. The suction line of the skimmer is also used as a way to clean the pool. A hose vacuum or in pool vacuum machine are often hooked up to a skimmer line to clean out small debris like sand, dirt, and some leaves. For the removal of large debris, it is best to use other methods. Going through a skimmer line for things other than dirt, sand, and some leaves may potentially clog us your skimmer suction line.

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