The Importance of Pool Maintenance in Hot Weather


The Importance of Pool Maintenance in Hot Weather

We are seeing record high temperatures in North Texas this summer. As the mercury climbs, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you are maintaining your pool properly. Why? Regular maintenance is required to prevent algae growth.

Your swimming pool should be maintained by brushing, vacuuming, cleaning the skimmer, and cleaning out the pump baskets regularly. Taking these steps helps ensure that the environment is less conducive to algae growth. It is also important that the pool and spa filters are cleaned thoroughly before beginning to combat an algae problem in your swimming pool.

During the hot summer months of July and August in particular, it is important that the pool’s chemical levels are in balance. Your swimming pool’s pump and filters should be run 8-10 hours a day. Algae treatments are not as effective if the swimming pool and spa water are not properly balanced and are being filtered and circulated well. You’ll want to be sure the phosphate level does not exceed 200ppb at any time. Unsure of what your phosphate level is? Call Executive Blue Pools for a service visit. Prefer to maintain your own pool? We offer Pool School for homeowners who want to handle their own maintenance.

After signing up for Pool School, we make an appointment for our top pool technician to come to your home. You will learn all about the basics of pool ownership and your pool’s operation. You will also be able to ask specific questions and address your personalized needs for your pool.

Topics Covered in Our Swimming Pool School Include the Following:

  • Pool circulation, including skimmers, main drains, pump, filter, and returns
  • Water level, auto-fills, and overflow drains
  • Pool finishes, such as plaster, tile, coping, and stonework and an assessment of your pool condition
  • Pool chemistry and which chemicals are best for your swimming pool
  • Controlling your pool, such as with Intermatic timers, Jandy iAquaLinks, and freeze guards
  • Pool filter operation and how to backwash your swimming pool (DE or cartridge filters)
  • Pump operation and emptying the pump pot basket valves and actuators and how they work
  • Pool cleaner operation and time schedules for your pool cleaner
  • Understanding how your equipment works together in the pool

Additional help with algae control

Pool Ionizers

Pool ionizers and ozone systems are two of the best options for limiting chlorination and the need for chemical additives in your swimming pool. Ionizers are copper or copper/silver systems designed to reduce the need for adding chlorine. An ionizer uses a micro-processor control box to send a signal to electrodes made of natural minerals, causing these electrodes to then release ions. This helps to eliminate algae in your pool.

Ozone Systems

Ozone systems help control algae bloom by eliminating chlorine residues, bacteria, molds, and viruses. Ozone systems reduce algae by using ozone gas to sanitize the pool via oxidation of negative waste material. The use of ionization systems and ozone systems can be combined for powerful algae control that can keep your swimming pool clean and clear of algae all summer long.

To keep your pool’s chlorine, PH, and total alkalinity properly balanced:

  • Run your pool 8-10 hours a day in warm weather
  • Brush walls, tiles, and steps of the pool regularly to get any algae spores off of surfaces
  • Add copper-free algaecide plus shock (Cal-Hypo) proactively at the first sign of algae

If you are already dealing with a green pool filled with algae, we can help! Call Executive Blue Pools for weekly pool maintenance if you don’t have time to maintain your pool. We provide consistent, quality service so that you won’t have to deal with this problem again.

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